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Design for 2010 Last Man Standing Awards

Here are a few images of the Award designed in collaboration with Christine Santanastaso (21, Jewelry Designer) and David Irwin (22, Architect and Furniture Designer)

The focus of the design was to create an award symbolic of New York City Street Skating, as well as to establish a clear hierarchy between the three awards to be given, Grommet, Amateur, and Professional. The design process started with abstract planar and volumetric three dimensional sketches, and eventually went in a more literal direction.

The three cement and white brass awards celebrate the street skating culture and the materials that are a crucial part of it. The bottles of water and juice reference the fuel and hydration for the athletes, that can usually be found empty on the city streets at the end of a session.

Video parts 1 and 2 brought to you by none other than Dave Toro, owner and creative mind of One Day NY!

GQ Style UK Glove Feature

Fluescent Gloves (designed Summer 2009) Featured in the Fall 2010 UK issue of GQ Style.

Completely new and improved gloves coming soon…

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Cement Tables for the Isaora studio. West Village, NYC






A set of three 30mm thick cement tables for use as office tables and a large working surface for snowboard outerwear design and development. Located in the basement of a West Village office building, the table surfaces are now a permanent part of this space. Fall 2010. ISAORA

Rolls Collection by Christine Santanastaso


The following piece is a project that was brought forth by Pratt student, Christine Santanastaso for her senior thesis entitled: Roll Series which is a display of conceptual Jewelry conceived and complemented by the culture of rolling. Christine’s final works will be on display as well as this visual piece at her upcoming show. ( from ODNY)

Further details below.

Chrisine Santanasto writes:

Rolls Series

Through rolling, abstractions are created on various surfaces through movements, memories and shapes.

The idea of this collection is to communicate the relationship the body has with static objects when they are being used as a catalyst for movement. The visual contrast between the weightless body of the skater and the stagnant materials surrounding them is translated into wearable objects that represent the kinetic qualities of street skating.

This body of work is a result of a series of abstract formal studies into the visual relationship between a moving figure and static, decaying architectural lines, planes and volumes. This collection of jewelry celebrates this beautifully balanced relationship that is showcased through the art form of street skating.

Come see Christine’s show which goes live this Wednesday at The Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Check below for details.

Christine Santanastaso – Rolls Series

Wednesday at 6:00pm – April 14 at 6:00pm

Rubelle and Norman Schafler Gallery
Chemistry Building, First Floor
200 Willoughby Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205

One Day NY x I Roll NY Video Contest

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